LongPlay Xenon Lamps

Projector ModelLTI Lamp ModelWattage100% Warranty (h)Increase from standard lamp modelAverage Expected Life (h)*Data Sheet
BarcoXDC 6500BL650070040%750PDF Icon
BarcoXDC 6000BL600080033%900PDF Icon
NECXDC 6000NL600090050%1100PDF Icon
ChristieXDC 6000CL600080033%1100PDF Icon
NECXDC 4500NL4500130044%1500PDF Icon
ChristieXDC 4500CL4500130030%1500PDF Icon
BarcoXDC 4500BL4500130030%1500PDF Icon
BarcoXDC 4000BL4000130030%1500PDF Icon
NECXDC 4000NL400090038%950PDF Icon
BarcoXDC 3000BL3000170013%1900PDF Icon
NECXDC 3000NL3000180020%2000PDF Icon
ChristieXDC 3000CL3000190027%2800PDF Icon
ChristieXDC 2000CL2000320033%4000PDF Icon
BarcoXDC 2000BL2000320033%3500PDF Icon
NECXDC-2000NL2000300020%3500PDF Icon
Cinemeccamica/ KinotonXDC 4500TAL4500130030%1300PDF Icon
Cinemeccamica/ KinotonXDC 6000TAL600080033%800PDF Icon
Cinemeccamica/ KinotonXDC 6500TAL650070040%700PDF Icon

* Average expected life is a guideline to help determine how long a lamp can be operated under optimal conditions.  If the operating situation is not optimal, a shorter life can be expected.

Non-optimal operating conditions include:

  • Starting the lamp at 100% and running at this level throughout lamp life.
  • Not providing adequate air flow.
  • Poor operating environment.
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