Union Internationale Des Cinémas

LTI is pleased to announce partnership with UNIC!

At LTI, we believe the technologies that illuminate cinemas should be just as advanced and future-ready as the applications they support.

Because we specialize in these technologies, our resources and experts are committed to supporting cinemas specific needs. LTI is a global leading manufacturer and fully dedicated to Cinema, we will deliver what customer need for optimal projection application.

The right technology partner for cinemas to accompany the market conversion and evolve with full support as also taking care on balancing sustainability and technology evolution.

LTI is happy that UNIC is choosing LTI as strategic partner for their varies cinema members.

In this release Jana Daberkow, LTI’s European Manager wrote “This partnership will strengthen LTI’s relationship with European Cinemas and will give great opportunity for them to use LTI’s technologically advanced products and best in Class Service.”

Independent Cinema Alliance of Australia logo

Independent Cinemas of Australia

We believe independent cinemas are the heart of the community and we are dedicated to supporting them.

For more than 25 years, the ICAA has been on a mission to represent and advance the interests of independent exhibitors in an increasingly competitive and complex industry.

The ICAA has members in every Australian state and territory, and a partnership with the New Zealand Motion Picture Exhibitors Association that extends our representation across the Tasman.

The strength of ICAA cinemas is in their connection with their local communities whether it’s an arthouse in the city, a regional multiplex, or a single screen in the bush.

Independent cinemas have been an enduring part of the Australian social fabric for over a century, and they remain a strong and vibrant part of the industry. Almost 30% of Australian box office comes through the doors of local independent cinemas.

ICAA supports our members to offer quality entertainment at affordable prices, while supporting the community with local employment and working to create a social hub.

The ICAA have achieved many things for members, from the Virtual Print Fee digital conversion program, fantastic consumer promotions through the My Cinema brand to great discounts with leading industry food and beverage suppliers and insurance services.

LTI is proud to have partnered with the ICAA to offer member special pricing and increased warranty hours on all our xenon lamp models. LTI is committed to supporting our customers’ specific needs, our reputation for quick delivery, responsive service and global reach makes LTI what it is today.
For special pricing, warranty support and terms, please contact:
+1 909 319 3342

International Cinema Technolgy Association logo

International Cinema Technology Association

For over 25 years Lighting Technologies International (LTI) has been an active member and partner of ICTA (International Cinema Technology Association), LTI continue to provide the most technologically advanced products and best in class service and support to ICTA members.  The ICTA helps ensure that cinema remains the preferred choice for enjoying filmed entertainment by promoting excellence and investments in cinema technology. It enables motion picture industry professionals from around the World with an interest in cinema technology to connect and share knowledge.