New Recycling Program for Xenon Lamps Introduced by
Lighting Technologies International

Lighting Technologies International has announced the launch of a groundbreaking recycling program for xenon lamps, aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. This initiative brings LTI to the forefront of xenon lamp recycling, offering a proprietary xenon lamp recycling system that ensures safe and secure disposal of highly pressurized xenon cinema lamps.
The purpose of this new recycling program is to prevent the disposal of xenon lamps in ordinary landfills, which can pose risks to both users and the natural environment. LTI, a leading manufacturer, has developed a one-of-a-kind recycling system at their manufacturing facility in Baldwin Park, CA, USA. By recycling the glass, tungsten, and xenon gas from the lamps, LTI aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and promote the reuse of valuable materials.
Participating in the xenon lamp recycling program has numerous benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the potential hazards associated with improper disposal of these lamps. Secondly, it significantly reduces the environmental impact by recycling the various components of a xenon lamp. This includes the glass, metals, and other materials that make up the lamp, all of which can be recycled and reused. By choosing to recycle xenon lamps, customers can actively contribute to a more sustainable future.
The proprietary xenon lamp recycling system works seamlessly for domestic USA customers. Each lamp box is equipped with a prepaid return label, which customers can use to send back the used lamps to LTI at no cost. International customers can also participate by reaching out to LTI via email, specifying the number of lamps they wish to recycle. LTI will then provide instructions and return labels for the international customers to conveniently return the lamps for recycling.
All of the major xenon lamp brands can be recycled and are included in this recycling program, demonstrating LTI’s commitment to sustainability. With collective efforts, it is projected that tens of thousands of lamps can be recycled annually through this program. This will result in significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a circular economy for xenon lamps.
The introduction of this new recycling program marks a significant step forward in the xenon lamp manufacturing industry. By collaborating and implementing a proprietary xenon lamp recycling system, LTI is taking proactive measures to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Through this program, customers have the opportunity to actively
contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to xenon lighting, ensuring a greener future for all.
For customers who would like more information or wish to participate in the xenon lamp recycling program, they can reach out to Eric Simonian at There are no restrictions or requirements for customers to join the program, making it accessible and inclusive for all.