Lamps for Sony projectors

Projector ModelLTI Lamp ModelWattage100% Warranty (h)Average Expected Life (h)*Data Sheet
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 4200SL42008501000PDF Icon
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 4200S4200700850PDF Icon
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 3000S300010001100PDF Icon
SRX-R220, SRX-R320XDC 2000S200024003000PDF Icon

ultrasonically All LTI lamps for Sony digital cinema projectors are tested and approved by Sony.  These lamps are optimized to maximize the performance of Sony digital cinema projectors.

gen-casino-it * Average expected life is a guideline to help determine how long a lamp can be operated under optimal conditions.  If the operating situation is not optimal, a shorter life can be expected.

buy viramune in uk Non-optimal operating conditions include:

  • Starting the lamp at 100% and running at this level throughout lamp life.
  • Not providing adequate air flow.
  • Poor operating environment.
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